*POSTPONED* Nerd Nite 67: Sci-Fi, Winemaking, Decarbonising

19th March 2020 poster

Venue: Rialto Theatre

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It’s our last NNB for a little while so join us for three more fascinating talks:

Ben Bailey: Science Fiction and the End of the World

Apocalyptic narratives are nothing new, but these days it feels like sci-fi is on a constant downer. Join journalist Ben Bailey for a time-bending tour of the future, visiting every lawless wasteland, corporate dystopia and futuristic fascist state that has ever been conjured up in the name of entertainment. This talk attempts a scientific experiment on science fiction itself, using a succession of dubious calculations to pinpoint the exact moment the world will end. There will also be graphs.

Richard Warren: Decarbonising Industry

The UK has set itself the legally binding target of achieving net zero CO2 emissions by 2050. Too slow for some, wildly ambitious and eye wateringly expensive for others, perhaps the one thing most people can agree on, is we still have very little idea of how we’re going to get there. The good news, is that many of the technological answers to these problems are already with us or are in rapid development. The bad news is that there are also significant economic and political challenges, and these are far more tricky nuts to crack.

Industrial emissions, those emitted in the process of manufacturing all the goods we require for everyday living, are a case in point. Many of the low-carbon options available to industry add huge costs to production processes, but companies must still compete in a global market place where production costs are the number one decider of competitiveness and success. Squaring this circle, reducing industrial emissions whilst maintaining an industrial base, is one of the foremost challenges Government must get to grips with in the next decade.

Richard Warren is Head of Policy & External Affairs at UK Steel, the representative body for the UK’s steel industry. In this talk he will discuss the challenges the steel industry faces in decarbonising over the next 30 years, what Government needs to do, and perhaps most importantly, why you should care.

Collette O’Leary: Winemaking

Collette O’Leary is estate manager and winemaker at Henners, a 7 acre vineyard in Herstmonceux, East Sussex. Collette graduated from Plumpton College in 2014, and was previously assistant winemaker at Bluebell Vineyard Estate.

Hosted by Partha Das

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