Crashing galaxies and conspiracy theories

Event poster. Reads Thursday 19th November 2020. Crashing galaxies - Conspiracies. Nerd Nite Brighton Online. Image includes our glasses logo with galaxies in the lenses.
NNB67: Crashing galaxies and conspiracy theories, 19th November 2020

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Nerd Nite Brighton is back! Evidence-based entertainment in the comfort of your own living room. We have two nerdishly passionate speakers, nerdy news and our fabulous quiz. It’s BYOCAB (bring your own cake and beer). Be there and be square!

Hosted by Dr Mick Taylor, our speakers this month are:

Dr Jillian Scudder: The Galaxy is crashing. (Don’t worry.)

Ben Bailey: We Are All Conspiracy Theorists Now

All proceeds from our online events will go to a different local charity each month. This month we are supporting Impact InitiativesEstablished 40 years ago, Impact Initiatives aims to give individuals and communities the support they need to improve their quality of life and feel a part of a wider community. From social activities or after school care to advocacy or counselling, employment support or housing they support people of all ages.

Our speakers this month:

Jillian Scudder

Jillian is an assistant professor of physics and astronomy at Oberlin College, in Oberlin, Ohio. Her research focuses on how and why galaxies form stars, and the physics of how galaxies collide. She has a popular astronomy book in paperback: Astroquizzical: a beginner’s guide to the cosmos. Twitter @Jillian_Scudder.

Ben Bailey

It’s been a great year for conspiracy theories. What used to be a fringe hobby for eccentrics and an amusing sideshow for sceptics is now a driver of world events. Join Ben as he surfaces for air after spending months lost in an ever-expanding warren of insane rabbit holes. What happened? And who can he really trust? Naturally, he’s had no choice but to deliver his findings in the form of a PowerPoint presentation.

Ben is a journalist and musician who sometimes gives talks on nerdy topics. He is probably on several blacklists and is almost certainly considered a threat to national security, but he could also just be a government shill. No one really knows, not even him.

A joke image - a mocked up Zoom window showing various famous nerds joining the meeting, including Albert Einstein and Ada Lovelace.
Nerds on Zoom, Nerds on Zoom

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