11/4/13: Nerd Nite Brighton #1

Good Afternoon Brightonians, Hovians and Beyondians

We hope you’re enjoying this incredible weather we’re having on the coast this last week. We’re frankly sick of the humidity, the blazing sunshine and the sound of crickets in this awful humidity. A bit of snow in April wouldn’t go amiss eh?

Almost all set for Thursday for our inaugural meeting (and the inaugural UK Nerd Nite too!) Our talks are:

“How does the brain make sense of a mixture of mixtures? – Lessons from the honey bee.” – Dr Thomas Nowotny

“If Carlsberg made fish – adventures with Carcharocles megalodon” – Dr Shailesh Shah

“Thrown to the wolves – an experiment in social networking” – Dr Ben Afzali

We’re planning to open doors at 7.30pm. It’s upstairs at the Eagle and 4 squid entry (3 squid for you lucky students). Do spread the word, please bring anyone and everyone and make sure you’re in your nerdiest outfits.

If you can stick one of our posters (below) somewhere that’d be fab too.

Finally please swing by the facebook page and share.

Looking forward to it!

Much Love

NN poster

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