Nerd Nite Brighton #6: 3/10/13


More nerdiness in now rainy Brighton & Hove on October 3rd. Cold yet don’t want to put the heating on so early? Then come and bask in the collective warmth of learning with a beer.
This month:

1. My life with the alpine time travellers – Dr David Bramwell

This one-man cottage industry and Brighton legend is the creator of the successful Cheeky Guide series, founder and host of Brighton’s Catalyst Club and singer-songwriter in the band Oddfellows Casino (Nightjar Records). His music and spoken word material have been featured on BBC radio 1, 3,4 and 6. David has written books on subjects ranging from difficult words to sexuality for Penguin, Harper Collins and DK, has spoken at and hosted TEDx events  and entertained festival and cinema audiences with “Sing-along-a-Wickerman”. Tonight he’ll be telling us about the mysterious and extraordinary community of Damanhur in the Italian Alps…

2. Beyond the bar chart: creative data visualisation – Dr Peter Cook

Peter Cook’s interest in data visualisation probably started at school when he drew his first bar chart. Through his engineering degree he always enjoyed explaining difficult concepts using visuals and he went on to complete a PhD in the visualisation of complex surfaces such as car bodies. He’s now focusing his energy on bringing beautiful data visualisations to the web. He’ll be talking about how the latest in web-based tools is allowing programmers and designers to become much more creative with presenting and telling stories with data.


3. Spinal cord injury research: wise man’s dream or fool’s game? – Dr Leanne Lewis-Ramer

Leanne hails/visits/is here from Vancouver, Canada, where she has spent more than 10 years studying spinal cord injury at the International Collaboration on Repair Discoveries (ICORD, a research centre that houses clinicians, biologists and engineers with a shared interest in recovery after spinal cord injury. She is thrilled to be in London on a one-year Fellowship at King’s College London. She’ll be telling us of the trials, tribulations and perhaps folly of trying to regenerate spinal cords. Oh yes – she loves beer.


There’ll be the usual drinks, japes, quizzes, music and of course free cake. So do swing by! We’ll be upstairs at the Caroline of Brunswick and looking forward to seeing you.

£4 regular nerds and £3 student nerds
Doors 7.30pm for an 8pm start

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