Nerd Nite Brighton #8: 5/12/13


Here at Nerd Nite Brighton towers we can’t believe how quickly the year has disappeared. We’re hoping to leave 2013 with a bang so come by for our festive finale.

This month:

Death by Christmas – Anna Leeke

Anna loves Christmas more than anything. She loves everything associated with Christmas and will be spending the next few weeks in a state of perpetual excitement as the holiday draws closer. However she is keenly aware that with great festivity comes great danger. Tonight she will be highlighting how even the most loved of holidays should warrant caution and her talk will focus on the increased risk of morbidity and mortality that Christmas can bring.

Telling stories with games – Kate Howland

Kate is a Lecturer in Interaction Design at the University of Sussex. Her research focuses on designing and understanding people’s use of digital technologies that support creative and social activities. At Nerd Nite she’ll be talking about narrative in video games and discussing her PhD research on the design of software to support young people in creating their own narrative-based games. She has yet to find a viable project to justify the time she spends looking at photos of cats online.

Surviving a robot invasion – Partha Das

Partha has spent a lifetime cowering in fear at the possibility of a threat to humanity from a merciless robot aggressor. He feels that global societies in their current configuration are ill prepared for such an invasion. Tonight he will outline the nature of such a threat and what you and your loved ones can do to ensure your survival during a robocalypse.

We’re very pleased to introduce Dr Jane Hume who will be our special guest host and compere for the night:

Jane enjoys amateurishly making things from wood, meat, fabric and light bulbs though has yet to realise her dreams of combining all these ingredients into a single creation (ideally a working swan robot). Funding this elaborate pastime by furtive work as the scarlet pimpernel of doctors, she is currently looking into the practicalities of a new career in vintage lie-detector machine dealing. She can’t play the accordion properly, nor any other musical instrument.

There will be quizzing, music and of course free cake. We’re looking forward to saying goodbye to 2013 with you!

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