A Nerd Nite Brighton Christmas

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We have some festive Nerd Nite fun for you so forgo your work Christmas do (it’s always rubbish and you wonder why you go) and head on over to the Caroline of Brunswick to celebrate the holiday season with your favourite nerdy friends.

This month

1. Scar Trek: A voyage into the worlds of wound healing, repair and regeneration – Prof Anthony Metcalfe

Scarring following wounding is a major medical problem. In burns, traumatic wounds or surgery that leads to extensive tissue loss scarring often results in adverse medical consequences including loss of function, restriction of movement (particularly because of contractures over joints), restriction of growth, poor aesthetics and adverse psychological effects.

Tony is Director of Research at the Blond McIndoe Research Foundation and a Professor of Burns and Wound Healing Research and founding member of the Brighton Centre for Regenerative Medicine. In this talk, Tony will discuss some of the new technologies being developed to repair wounds and scars left by burns, trauma or surgical interventions.

2. I’m not an expert but I love naked mole rats – Dr Steve Cross

A couple of years ago Steve accidentally became interested in naked mole rats, the greatest animal ever discovered. This talk will explain how they are both the potential medical saviours of humanity and badly-behaved social media users.

Dr Steve Cross is a science comedian and the founder of Bright Club and Science Showoff. Amongst the stupid things he has done in his career are printing out the entire human genome, buying 500 diet books and trying to MC after 10 whiskies and no dinner.

3. Star Wars: The Science Awakens – Dr Zeeshan Khawaja

What would actually happen if you tried to make the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs? Could Bear Grylls Solo use a tauntaun? Could you attract the Millenium Falcon? We’ll almost certainly not answer any important questions but frankly after the new trailer who cares – let’s once more visit a galaxy far, far away.

Zeeshan Khawaja has seen the new trailer for Star Wars VII too many times and still thinks that he is not too old for Yoda. In the mean time he is a cardiologist in Brighton having previously been studying for his PhD in coronary physiology and computational modelling at King’s College London which have little if anything to do with tractor beams.

With free cake, tunes and big prize quizzes and a double act hosting in the shape of Drs Jane Hume and Alice Roueche, what more could you want?

£4 for regular nerds and £3 for you lucky student/65+ nerds. Get your tickets here

We sold out well in advance last month as the venue only just holds 65 so please please please get them early through the link below to avoid disappointment. (We get very sheepish, embarrassed and sad when we have to turn people away at the door…)

Doors at 7.30pm for 8pm start

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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