Nerd Nite 43: Nerd Nite at the Museum

Nerd Nite teams up with Brighton Science Festival this month for a FREE Nerd Nite at the Museum special as part of the Brighton Museum Late! We’ll be taking over the fantastic Museum Lab space on the first floor, and we’ll have two nerdy speakers, plus our usual quiz and nerd news. There will also be other exciting activities to check out elsewhere in the Museum, courtesy of University of Sussex researchers.

Tickets are free, but limited, so make sure you sign up for the Museum Late via the British Science Festival site.

Please note, this Nerd Nite special starts earlier than usual at 7.30pm. Museum doors will open at 7.00pm.

1. Spinning the colour wheel (Dr Alexandra Loske): A talk about how the invention of new pigments and publications on colour influenced the Royal Pavilion interiors. Alexandra is an art historian, curator and editor with a particular interest in late eighteenth and early nineteenth century European art and architecture. She has been working at the University of Sussex since 1999 and is the managing editor of the Frogmore Press. She is currently working on a book on the history of colour systems in art and print culture. Alexandra is a Curator at the Royal Pavilion and Brighton Museums.

2. The Beast Within – A brief introduction to the organisms that make others their home (Lee Ismail): Parasites are some of the most successful organisms on Earth. Some cause irritation and discomfort to their hosts, such as fleas or lice, whilst others are horrific parasitoids that alter their host mentally and physically before ultimately killing them. Parasites themselves can range from complex, multicellular organisms such as spider wasps to the simplest of single celled organisms causing horrific diseases in animals and humans. This talk gives a very brief introduction to these lifeforms and demonstrates how we may not be in full control of our lives after all! Lee Ismail is Curator of Natural Sciences based up at the Booth. His favourite animal is a pangolin.

Hosted by Anna Downie

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