NNB 49: Bacteria, cell repair and strange sounds

15th Feb Poster - Bacteria, cell repair & strange sounds


What could be more romantic than a night spent with beer, cake and some of Brighton’s finest nerds? Show your Valentine’s love for knowledge at Nerd Nite in February.

Doors open 7.30pm for 8pm start.

Venue: Rialto Theatre

£4 Regular Nerds
£3 Unemployed/NUS/65+ Nerds

Tickets available online

We regularly sell out- so if you buy a ticket you can’t use, please let us know on the Facebook page so we can ensure disorganised nerds who forgot to buy a ticket in time can still come.

Our speakers this month:

Heena Jagatia: How Can We Avoid the Post-Antibiotic Era?’

Heena is a final year PhD student at the University of Sussex. She studied Biomedical Science at St. George’s and then did an MSc at the London school of Hygeine and Tropical Medicine, developing a deep interest with bacteria. Her research looks at antibiotic production in response to stress in Streptomyces. Heena’s talk will introduce the well-reported and feared topic of antibiotic resistance, how and why it occurs, and what can be done to prevent the start of an era where antibiotics fail to fight the simplest of infections.

Karl Waugh: There’s madness in the pattern: one person’s stumble through using mathematics and software to make strange sounds.

Karl M V Waugh is a multi-media artist working often with software, generative art and noise / a musician with a load of bands* / has a doctorate in mathematics / a poet / a dad / employed as a software engineer. He believes that Roquefort cheese may be an embodiment of god.
*The Emperors Of Ice Cream / God’s Teeth And The Interstellar Tropics / Binnsclagg / The Zero Map / etc.

Aimee Eckert: Your cells through time: how broken is your DNA?

Aimee is a final year PhD student at the University of Sussex Genome Damage & Stability Centre. She researches how cells control their division, focusing on certain types of breast cancer cell to understand more about how they grow. Aimee is also a keen science communicator who enjoys talking with people about science at CRUK events and during school visits, and also by poking fun at it by performing science comedy at Science Showoff, Bright Club and as part of her science flavoured cabaret: Dr Jiggs Bowson’s Charming Science Friends. In this talk Aimee will outline how cells do the miraculous job of growing & repairing themselves (and by extension, our bodies) every day and the importance of wearing sunscreen.

Hosted by Mick Taylor

Twitter: @brightonnerd

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