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Nerd Nite Brighton #11: 17/4/14


*cough* *cough* *splutter* *splutter*

The air quality is TERRIBLE today!

Fortunately the nerd quality is just getting better and better. We sure hope you’ll be joining us for our next nerd nite. Talks this month:

1. The wonderful world of whisky – Prof David Goldsmith

David Goldsmith is a kidney doctor based in London and has over 25 years experience in looking after patients with kidney disease. His extensive career includes over 380 publications and his research interests include high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and inflammation and calcification syndromes in kidney patients.

Being the true polymath that he is, David will not be talking about his expertise with kidneys this evening. He will not be telling us about digital photography, the bridges of London nor Victorian architecture. Instead he will be giving us an insight into his other keen interest: whisky.

2. Everything is changing? Hunting for the changing constant – Dr Matthias Keller

Mathias is senior lecturer in physics and astronomy at the University of Sussex. Matthias gained his PhD in 2004 at the Ludwigs-Maximilians University in Munich, investigating quantum optics with trapped calcium ions. After gaining his PhD, he moved to the Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics to continue his research into the physics of molecular ions and quantum electrodynamics in ion traps. He joined the University of Sussex in 2007, initially as an Advanced Research Fellow before taking up a full lectureship.  Some fundamental constants which govern our universe may not be constant but change in time and/or space. Matthias and his team conduct experiments to look into changes of one important constant – the proton:electron mass ratio.

3. Waste is just a resource in the wrong place – Cat Fletcher

Cat Fletcher is a waste activist and all round resource goddess. She is a founding member and Head of Media for Freegle (UK’s biggest online reuse network with 1.6+ million members), has voluntarily run the Brighton group for 7 years which has redistributed over 1,000 tonnes of goods locally. Cat is currently working on the Brighton Waste House with the University of Brighton and as the Reuse Manager for Brighton and Hove city council amongst other things…..she’s got a head full of facts, figures and solutions to inspire waste prevention! Read more about her here.


Free cake, music, quizzing, etc as per usual.

Tickets £4 for regular nerds and £3 for NUS/65+ nerds – Tickets are on sale from here and we strongly advise buying in advance!

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Upstairs at the Caroline of Brunswick

See you there!