Nerd Nite Brighton #3 + After Party: 22/6/13

Slide1It’s that time again!

Actually the calendar savvy amongst you will note that we are NOT on a Thursday this month but Saturday night.

We’ve moved venue once again (in our quest to make sure everyone gets a seat) and we will be upstairs at Good Companions in Seven Dials.

We are very excited again to have some top class speakers with us this month. We have our first international speaker too (all the way from the United States of Canadia):

1. How to find Starbursts in space – Ms Charlotte Clarke

from the Astronomy Unit at the University of Sussex and will be our Brian Cox for the evening. Her research in extragalactic astronomy revolves around far-infrared data from the Herschel Space Observatory, helping to get to grips with the formation of galaxies when the Universe was less than half its current age. She’s also heavily involved in public engagement in Brighton and the surrounding areas.

2. How strong are earthworms and can they make choices? – Dr Robert Stovold

Robert is a very busy man. He juggles running the Brighton and Hove Humanist Society, Philosophy in Pubs, his role in the National Secular Society, writing books and singing in various karaoke haunts around town with his daily work with B&H Council. However tonight he will be returning to his (literal) roots and his PhD in Soil Science to talk to us about earthworm burrowing.

3. Whistleblowing in the age of Wikileaks: From the Pentagon Papers to Cablegate – Dr Patrick McCurdy, University of Ottawa, Canada.

Flying over especially for Nerd Nite Brighton (well… kinda) Patrick’s research examines the representation of politically contentious issues in an age of media saturation. He received his PhD from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) in 2009. His thesis examined how radical social movement actors think about and interact with media at the site of protest. He is widely published and his book Beyond WikiLeaks: Implications for the Future of Communications, Journalism and Society released this year forms some of the basis of his talk tonight.


There’ll be the usual quizzes and music but to celebrate our 3rd event we’re also having a bit of a party afterwards so it would be great if you could come and hang out. Perhaps throw some shapes (as long as they’re geometric and congruent) on the dance floor?

Looking forward to seeing all your lovely nerdy faces. Be there AND be square!


Doors as usual at 7.30pm, nerdy party till 1am!

Tickets from here or on the door

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