Nerd Nite Brighton #4: 8/8/13


The August Nerd Nite Brighton certainly has a medical theme to it and we’re privileged to have 3 real doctors gracing our stage.

1. Old Person Whisperer introduces the emerging field of comics and medicine – Dr Muna Al-Jawad

Dr Al-Jawad is a consultant geriatrician at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton. She is also doing a PhD in the form of a graphic novel. She chaired the 4th International Conference of Comics and Medicine in July 2013. Have a look at some of her work here.

2. Large Organisations and Culture Change: Taming the Wicked – Dr Mark Edwards

Philanthropic vascular surgeon, part-time guerilla psycho-sociologist and would-be agent of change, Mark has spent 16 years within the NHS giving him practical insight into the astounding complexity that inhibits change within large organisations.  Challenging the status quo requires a movement that understands urgency, recognises complexity, resonates with the grass-roots and empowers it to evolve. Can he give us the secret to NHS success?

3. Organ donation: A Moral Maze – Dr Hannah Maple

Despite living in Crawley, Hannah managed to get into King’s College London Medical School not just once, but twice.  Having graduated in 2007 she pursued a surgical career before taking a break from clinical work in 2011 to do a PhD.  Based at Guy’s Hospital, London her research examines the psychological aspects of living kidney donation from the perspective of the donor, seeking to understand more about what donors get out of the process.  She has recently conducted the world’s largest study of non-directed altruistic organ donors (people who donate their organs to strangers) and will tonight discuss the results of this alongside other ethical and legal controversies in transplantation.


This month we’re at the Caroline of Brunswick (39 Ditchling Road near the Level) – £4 entry (£3 student nerds) as usual – looking forward to seeing you there!

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