Nerd Nite Brighton 24: Decaying food, Punk Science, Mo Money Mo Problems

We’re back for some October nerdery!

This month we’re being hosted by Otherplace At The Basement! Lots of space for all our lovely nerds!

1. The Science of Decay – Vera Zakharov
Discover the wonderful, edible, world of food “waste”. Brighton & Hove throws away 50,000 tonnes of food every year. Yet some of the tastiest foods are technically food waste. What the heck is going on, or going off, as it were? Find out with Vera, our local foodie waste warrior.

Vera Zakharov coordinates Brighton & Hove’s Love Food Hate Waste Campaign, as well as the Sussex Gleaning Network. She is also working on Feeding the 5000 Brighton on 29th October, where 5,000 people will dine on “food waste”. In her spare time she forages and star-gazes.

2. (Re)Making Money – Mick Taylor
Previous speaker and some time Nerd Nite Brighton compere steps back into the limelight with some more musings on money, capitalism and a search for a better and fairer way for economies to operate.

Mick has a PhD in mathematical epidemiology, lectures Mathematics at Sussex and also runs the social enterprise Goodmoney. Mick is fascinated by human systems, particular in monetary systems and how the design of our money supply impacts on all aspects of human life.

3. Punk Science: The Revenge
Our favourite duo from the Science Museum in London return once again to Nerd Nite Brighton. There will be the usual blend of science, comedy, music and gameshow stupidity.

Drinks, music, cake and quizzing as per usual! See you there
£4 Regular Nerds, £3 Student/65+ Nerds

Tickets from here

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