Another Nerd Nite Brighton Christmas 17th December 2015


The Brussel sprouts are already on the boil, families up and down the country are preparing their topics to argue over when they get together on Christmas Day and people are queuing up for the release of some eagerly anticipated film. We on the other hand are delighted to invite you to Another Nerd Nite Brighton Christmas Special.

This festive month:

1. In your element: boron

Dr Jonathan “Sid” Harrison is perhaps the most enthusiastic man in Brighton and will be delighting us with his musings on that perhaps unsung hero of the elements, boron. The Periodic Table fans amongst you will surely be rubbing your hands in apoplectic excitement.

Sid in his real life is a general practitioner and expert in the construction of geodesic dome tents. He has never completed the Kessel Run.

2. Nerd News review of the year

There were several bona-fide talks that could have taken the second slot for the Christmas Special. Instead we’ve opted to drag Nerd Nite Brighton Boss Partha Das out to give an overview of the top nerdish news items from 2015. And, as you shall find out, what a year it has been…

3. Star Wars: The science strikes back

Last Christmas we gave you our heart and also Dr Zeeshan Khawaja who took us on a journey through the scientific (im)plausibilities of the Star Wars story. It’s a Nerd Nite Brighton pleasure to welcome him back again for more of the same and perhaps another heated debate on the fate of the Ewoks after the destruction of the Death Star.

Zeeshan is a cardiologist and has a PhD in coronary physiology and computational modelling from King’s College London which have little if anything to do with tractor beams

Hosting the Christmas special will be festive compering regulars Jane Hume and Alice Roueche.

Expect physics Christmas carols, cakes, music and merriment.

Back at the Caroline Of Brunswick, doors 7.30pm for and 8pm start
£4 regular nerds, £3 student/65+/festive nerds

Get your tickets from HERE

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