NNB 58: Play! – Psychedelic Medicine – Coffee


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Come join us this February to learn about the importance of play, psychedelic medicine and evidence-based nutrition. With the usual nerd news, nerd quiz AND free cake.

Thursday February 21st
Doors open 7.30pm for 8pm start.

Venue: Rialto Theatre.

Our speakers this month:

Matthew Bellringer: Don’t work, play!

Adults have forgotten how to play. This is a big problem. Play is vital for creativity, growth and happiness. Other intelligent species spend much of their lives playing. What can we learn from them? What happens to your brain when you’re playing? Can you replace work with play completely?

Matthew is a tech entrepreneur and student of business psychology. He’s helping people who take new approaches to personal development get in touch with the people who really need them. He is also partly giving this talk to remind himself to spend more time playing.

Dr Graham Campbell: Psychedelic Medicine

Graham’s earliest memory was accidentally tripping on Strepsils aged 3 after secretly eating an entire packet. It’s not clear whether this kick-started his early interest in dreams, minds, consciousness, psychoanalysis, neuroscience, medicine and his gravitational attraction to psychiatry. Reading about LSD in psychology books in his teens triggered a fascination with the potential for positive, even healing, experiences with psychedelic drugs. Politicians and the media haven’t been kind to these molecules and there have certainly been casualties attributed to their widespread use. But perhaps the story isn’t all bad? Could the vilification of these substances make way for recognition of their potential role in the alleviation of human suffering?

Dr Graham Campbell works as a consultant inpatient psychiatrist in Sussex. He completed a Neuroscience MSc with King’s College London/Institute of Psychiatry in 2012. In 2018, he became an Honorary Clinical Research Fellow with the Imperial College Psychedelic Research Group to support their second clinical trial of psilocybin for depression.

Jess English: Coffee – black, hold the butter.

To carb or not to carb? Paleo? Flexitarian? FODMAPs?! The world of nutrition science can be a confusing place. Eating is something that we’re all kind of experts at – but it can be tricky to translate these fancy, jangly terms into what exactly you’re going to put into your mouth. Jess will be taking a closer look at the world of nutribollocks and diet tribes; the evidence (or lack of!) behind it all and why the goalposts constantly seem to be moving – plus a handy guide to spotting it in the wild.

Jess is a HCPC Registered Dietitian with a passion for evidence-based nutrition science and a particular interest in public health. She has worked in the NHS as a clinical dietitian, in public health and community nutrition and now runs her own private practice (Level Up Nutrition) where she’s on a mission to help people decipher nutrition science, translating it to fit their own lives in an easily digestible way.

Hosted by Dr Mick Taylor

£4 Regular Nerds
£3 Unemployed/NUS/65+ Nerds

We regularly sell out- so if you buy a ticket you can’t use, please let us know on the Facebook page so we can ensure disorganised nerds who forgot to buy a ticket in time can still come.

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