NNB 59: Rude badges – Bayesian stats – Complexity


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Come join us this March to learn about medieval rude badges, re-evaluating past scientific conclusions and modelling complexity. With the usual nerd news, nerd quiz AND free cake.

Thursday March 21st
Doors open 7.30pm for 8pm start.

Venue: Rialto Theatre.

Our speakers this month:

Meriel Jeater: Medieval rude badges

Nerd Nite alumnus Meriel Jeater returns with a new talk exploring the saucy side of medieval material culture. Meriel joined Museum of London in 2000. She is a curator in the Archaeology Collections department (covering the ambitiously wide timescale of 450,000BC to AD1700) which includes archaeological objects and social history. Meriel has worked on the permanent medieval London gallery, the War, Plague and Fire gallery, and recently curated the Fire! Fire! exhibition. Meriel has a BA in Archaeology and Ancient History, an MA in Museology and is most interested in the medieval, Tudor and Stuart periods.

Prof. Zoltan Dienes: Evidence for no effect: Re-evaluating many past scientific conclusions

Zoltan studied natural sciences at Cambridge, experimental psychology at Macquarie University and Oxford, where he obtained his doctorate. He has been a lecturer, and then professor, at the University of Sussex since 1990. He investigates unconscious learning and also hypnosis. He has written two books and over 100 publications in scientific journals, including Nature and Science. He has a particular interest in how we draw inferences from data, writing a book in 2008 on the philosophy of science and statistics. He is regularly invited around the world to promote a Bayesian approach to statistics as an alternative to the significance testing that is routinely employed by scientists.

Dr Mick Taylor: Making sense of complex systems

Mick Taylor is a lecturer in the dept. of Mathematics at the University of Sussex, where he also obtained his doctorate in mathematical epidemiology. He is the education lead for Brighton-based charity the Hummingbird Project and the co-founder of Goodmoney CIC, a social enterprise working to transform how money works in our communities. In addition to this, Mick is one of the Nerd Nite Brighton team and often hosts our events.

Hosted by Dr Partha Das

£4 Regular Nerds
£3 Unemployed/NUS/65+ Nerds

We regularly sell out, so if you buy a ticket and can’t make it, PLEASE contact the Rialto theatre and they will give you a refund and sell the ticket on to someone who can attend. Thanks!

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